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Once a month​ we meet.


In the spirit of Ram Dass and the Love Serve Remember Foundation, we meet once a month on a Sunday or on special dates. Open to anyone interested in engaging in conversations related to research into Ram Dass principles, books, writings and thoughts. 

It is also open to those who are looking for a spiritual home for a few hours, who want to be inspired and welcomed as a living soul.

Our Satsangs take place in the evening between 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. There are different processes, we will certainly chant some mantras together and discuss with each other. Sometimes we hear a talk from a spiritual teacher, watch a film, or talk about a book or personal experience. We wish for equal participation for all interested parties.

Here you can find out more, register and be on the mailing list.

Once a month on Sunday between 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.


We meet in the Satsangs in the form of a meeting of people who deal with spiritual or religious topics. Even though satsangs are often led by a teacher or guru, we would like to make an offer here where everyone in the group can get involved. In our satsangs there can be different activities such as chanting mantras, listening to spiritual stories or teachings, or watching films by and about different teachers and discussing spiritual topics, as well as practicing meditation or yoga.


The term "Satsang" comes from Sanskrit and means "in the company of truth".

The Satsangs are basically free of charge. We would like to thank you for a donation for the room rental. All surplus   goes to a non-profit organization.Mahalo!

Participation via  Zoom?

As a community, we want to give a real space in the intimacy of the encounter, the meeting of physical presence, the sound of voices, listening and the common silence.

If you are ill, otherwise come regularly and would like to be there via zoom, please let us know.

Zurich, Switzerland Ram Dass Satsang & Fellowship

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The next Satsang


What is the satsang for?

We are deeply grateful for the great and wonderful teachers with whom we have been able to study, learn, explore and heal to this day. Grateful for their knowledge, their strength and some impetus to focus on what is really real!

RAM DASS revealed the secret to us so authentically through his life, his being, his laughter and his eternally kind and loving heart that we could not resist his love. 

The only thing that's really real is love!

At the retreats in Maui, in which we were allowed to participate, the heartfelt desire arose to carry this love further, to cultivate it, to give our friends, acquaintances and those who surround us a chance in what Ram Dass has given us has to immerse.


We are just souls. As souls we are infinite.  


When you're on a journey and you meet people like Ram Dass, Krishna Das, Sharon Salzberg, Jack Kornfield, Trudy Goodman, Raghu Markus, Joseph Goldstein, Mirabai Bush, Dr. Robert Svoboda, whom we affectionately call Svo Baba, and all the people who dedicate their lives for love, then humility grips you and you never want to leave. You want to keep talking to them, you want to ask them about the meaning of life, you just want to hear, endless hours and days - to hear them


That's why we do the Satsangs.

So that people can meet each other with and in love and we pass on the smile of compassion, devotion and gratitude as light.  

So that we understand that being in the here and now is everything that is grace and love!  

To recognize and experience that God lives in the other person!


We will together:

  • To sing

  • To discuss

  • meditate

  • meal 

  • Pray

We are non-religious!


Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Atheists, Native Religions - you are all welcome!

Please register!

We prepare the room and organize the food!

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