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Cosmic Flow ™

Current workshop

Workshop September 3, 2021

The time has come; on September 3rd our Cosmic Flow journey continues. We are now arriving in our hearts. There where universal love, love for life and for ourselves is at home. Where wisdom and intuition live.

The gateway to the true self. When the heart chakra is in harmony, we can keep an open heart in exchange with ourselves, as well as with other people and the universe. To be open in exchange, to be able to receive and give, to look through the heart into the world, means to live and to connect without fear of hurt / rejection or without fear of not belonging. 

If we live in the heart, we feel every second how connected we are to everything. We are in the flow and in trust, we can give ourselves to life with our full potential and stay in exchange with universal love.

After a short theoretical part, we will immerse ourselves directly in practice: energy work, yoga asana & movement, as well as breathing techniques, which further support the opening of the heart chakra energy.

Are you about to embark on this journey of discovery? We look forward to you 💚

Places are limited, which is why we would be grateful for your definitive feedback.


Derya & Andy

"Discover your own cosmos"  -

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