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Urban Detox: How to integrate a light detox in your day to day routine?

Simple Ingredients, honest reflection if it resonates with you and 10 Days of Self Caring attitude.

Moving into a Detox Program asks for letting go. In my case I integrate different, partially new ways and also a withdraw of diffuse energy consumption. In the first place I thought that detox is mainly focussing on a special diet in terms of eating and drinking, specialised food to cleanse the body - Organs, Blood and of course the Intestines and of course some colon cleanse - on the second reflection I realised that is has also to do with letting go a lot of my pattern of unaware consumption of any kind of food, noises, smell, Sight-stress, electro radiation and also people energies.


Why the hack do I have to do that Detox? For myself I figured out that my belly looks different than some years ago, my skin shines not bright like a diamond, my digestion is not as regular and quick as it used to be. So things changed in a way that I feel that something does not serve me anymore and I struggle to relate to my self recognition.

I had a long conversation with my Ayurvedic Medicine Man and Astrological Reader in Ko Samui (sharing his Name/contact upon PM) where we looked at psychological and physiological imbalances. Not surprisingly that the body and the mind align and emotional expression is a reflection of the bodily appearance and health.


Just dive into it - open all you have, take your ego, that doesn't want to accept, in your arms, acknowledge what wants to be seen and let go of any hesitation.

First Agreement

Stop a few:

  • Stop Coffee

  • Stop any caffeine

  • Stop Sugar

  • Reduce salt as much as possible

  • Stop Tamasic or Rajasic food (Tamasic food (meat, alcohol, tobacco, onions, garlic, fermented foods, such as vinegar, cakes), Rajasic food (Foods that are very hot, bitter, sour, dry, or salty are rajasic)

  • Stop anything that creates any uplift or tiredness (as examples: any drug, cigarettes, alcohol, ...)

  • Avoid too much fat, strong spices, onions, garlic, meat.

  • Shower with unscented soap

  • Avoid any perfume

  • Reduce your Screen Consumption

After the first two days: What is really hard: I just realise how much I crave for sugar.

In any form: Cakes, Cookies, Chocolate, pure sugar...

Second Agreement

Replace patterns like Coffee or white-bread with chocolate cream with some real things:

So I installed a routine which is as following:


  • Alarm Bell goes off - switch it off - stay on your back with closed eyes and imagine the most beautiful imaginable day.

  • Take 10 inhale and exhales.

  • Get Up

  • Kitchen, switch on the kettle, boil some water

  • Mixing Triphala (1/2 to 3/4 Teaspoon (TS) with warm water, (i use a matcha tea brush to mix it) and drink it. No more intake for the next 45 Minutes.


  • 30 minute light Yoga Practice,

  • Reserve some time for a good shower

  • Preparing 1 Spoon of Honey mix it with 1 TS Tumeric and a Knife-Tip of Cayenne pepper

  • Preparing Tea: Strongly Basic Tea (Detox Tea) - I prepare 1.5 Liters for the first half of the day

  • Prepare 1 Tablespoon of olive Oil with the juice of a half Lime or Lemon

After the 45 min Break from Triphala Drink I eat the honey, drink a cup of tea, and drink the olive Oil Lime Mix.

After that I add in a Green Juice

  • Green Apple (sweetener)

  • Parsley (antioxidant, and many vitamins and minerals)

  • Spinach (iron)

  • Cucumber (vitamin ABC, Folic acid)

  • Lemons (vitamin C, Potassium, Vit B6)

  • Ginger (anti-inflammatory)

Third Agreement

  • I did a "Daily Coffee Colon Cleanse" Under the advice of Health Consultants and my Ayur Doc! In your Pharmacy or Nature health Shops you'll find equipment. BUT you must make sure, maybe also with your doctor, that it is not of any risk for you!

After that I had a Vegi Broth, and rested most of the day, with no more food after 4 o clock.

  • Every second evening, I went for Sauna and steambath.

My receipt for the detox with food and supplements is actually not that complex and I am super happy to share it with you.

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