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Trust in your Self.

Trust in your subtle truth - that one which keeps you focussed on the trail - and keeps you safe of the bombardments from the outside.

The louder the noise from the outside the more we need to questions its healing and guiding intention.

"Be real", says Franziska

Trusting in ones self is truly a task of advanced practice. These few words can carry a lifetime self-reflection, self-awareness, self-love, compassion with the own nature and is passed through all stages of moral life, self-forgiveness and finally self-realisation.

How does it feel when you step outside your self, looking at you and falling in love with the person you see in front of you? Would you be able to write a love letter to you? Could you invite youself to a cinema evening with a dinner?

I imagined this - and started to laugh about my fantasy. I have received some teachings where they ask you to look in the mirror and say: "I love you". And as a fine student I did this excercise - I ended up standing in front of the mirror and said: "I love you." What do you see in front of you? There is this silhouette, this skin, this eyes which you know. And yet, after some moments I felt like stranger to myself. I started to judge. First from the outside. Eyebrow check, facial skin check, Hair... am I loosing hair?

But what is this question really about? Look at yourself as if you would look at a human being you want to spend the rest of the life with. The person you want to share all what is happing in your day, at work, at classes, on concerts, on holiday travel - and you want to show this lover to all of your friends. They shall know whom you love. Isn't this fully absurd? And yet - start thinking about this. What if you would look at you as the person you want to spent a lifespan with.

Lets assume you would consider that you now found this puzzle piece you were always looking for. Lets assume, that this person is the one you want to see happy, you want to show what you love and who you want to protect from all bombardments from the outside. Lets assume this person is you. What if you would start loving yourself?

I have seen myself in pain, in incredible emotional struggle, in suffering and allowing others to hurt me. I have allowed others to control my life and what I have to feel. Would I have done that to me when I would have known whom I love the most? Certainly not. Would you allow others to hurt your parents, your brothers and sisters, your partner, your children or your best friend?

I was always able to stand up and raise my voice for others but what was the intention behind? Did this act came from a self-loving heart or was it driven by the will to convince and gain victory? Was it a result of not having to look at me? Pointing a finger on the pimple in another ones face, showing them that they are loosing hair - a judging mind?

Do you love your SELF?

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