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Andy J. Bartneck

If the young, 5 year old version of me would write a letter to me, then she would remind me to look for the connection between nature outside and my inner nature in all possibilities, forms, living beings, sensory perceptions, levels of consciousness and body experience to cultivate. And never let go again.

This is exactly where my yoga path today has brought me. To an endless chain of possibilities to experience these connections.

After years of practice, in sitting meditation in zazen, mindfulness exercises, silence and work retreats, after a spiritual search for freedom, the connection to my body and its inner resources reveals an abundance of

possibilities to experience freedom.


The ancient knowledge of yogis and enlightened beings has fascinated me since my childhood. I was always hungry to want to understand which way they practiced to sink into an infinite smile in the end.

I longed for this freedom. And it was and always has been there.

In Embodied Flow I have found techniques that actually support me to experience this freedom, to discover it, to try it out, to feel supported on my very own journey of discovery and help me to find freedom in myself.

For me, these techniques are the elements of alchemical processes where trauma became endless spaces, where patterns and behaviors became organic color spaces, where asana became a dance with the gods.

This is yoga to me.

In my classes, I would like to be able to specifically address the potential of the individual and bring them to the fore. To be three-dimensional, to be space, to be in contact and in dialogue with everything that unfolds as life, is for me the beauty that shines in every single conscious living being. He sees my work as a yoga facilitator in making this space tangible. Where everyone enjoys being themselves.

In addition to private lessons and classes in yoga, I also offer embodied flow movement therapy. I teach in English and German.
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I am infinitely grateful for every teacher I have met on my way, everyone who lives what they practice with infinite devotion, including those who do not give certificates or offer training, but simply give, give , give, give...


Training at:
Stephen Thomas (Hatha and Pranayama), Sue Elkind & Stefanie Zimmermann (Pregnancy Yoga),, Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons (Embodied Flow), Scott Lyons and Myra Averdon (Embodied Flow Somatic Movement)

RYT-500 Embodied Flow ™ inspired Faciliator,
Yoga Alliance E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, YACEP®, in training as an Embodied Flow ™ Somatic Movement Therapist and trained Hatha Yoga teacher.
Founder of The BodyMind System,
Co-Founder of Alchemy in Motion.

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