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Are you interested in reconnecting with yourself? Are you looking for ways to live free from fear of loss, rejection or feelings of unworthiness? Do you have the feeling that you are not realizing your full potential or that you are not living in the flow? Do you lack love for yourself?


All possibilities for change lie within you.

With Cosmic Flow™ we have created a container that contains a variety of techniques to release blockages that are preventing you from accessing the unique potential within you. We come from yoga and energy work and offer further possibilities with breath work, rituals, meditation, movement techniques and mantra chanting.


Our goal is to create a safe environment where you can explore yourself and your inner and outer cosmos, expand in this space and return to your happiness.

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energy work

breath work


Mantra chanting


body work

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Night retreat

Retreat, Sutra House, Riehen

Oct 20-23 '22 Save the date

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