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7 Workshops Series

CosmicFlow™ is yoga & energy work recognizing the totality of space, time and all matter and energy and the flow that pervades, moves and animates everything.

Bevorstehende Veranstaltungen

  • #7 Workshop: "Das Kronen-Chakra – Einheitsbewusstsein"
    11. Juni, 17:30 – 20:00 MESZ
    SEESCHAU Yoga- und Therapiezentrum, Seestrasse 106, 8703 Erlenbach, Schweiz
    Ein Workshop mit Bestandteilen aus Yoga, Meditation, Energiearbeit, Pranayama, Visualisierung, Philosophie - ausgerichtet auf das Kronen-Chakra – unserem tieferen Gefühl von Verbundenheit und EInheit und Einheitsbewusstsein.

We offer everything

we ' ve got

Our work and time of self-exploration and thousands of hours of training and certification programs are the great pieces that we want to share and fully provide to you as a gift for seekers of self-acknowledgment, self-trust, and personal freedom.

The main tools

Throughout our workshops, we access potentials in our selves by meeting the body and the mind inspired by tools and use of:



Somatic Movement


Energy Work

Chakra Balancing


Workshops and Masterclasses

Our Workshops and Masterclasses are always held in absolutely safe space. We work with locations that define their places as sacred and treat them with the greatest respect, humbleness, and love.

We invite everyone who is curious and willing to explore pathways of growth. 

Who we are

Over many decades we individually explored the realm of various body and mind health teachings and techniques such as fitness, fasting, ayurvedic treatments, meditation, yoga, somatics, body work, massage, and energy work. Always with the underlying desire to discover pathways towards freedom, ease, trust, joy, and equanimity. 

Andy J. Bartneck

Cert. Yoga Teacher E-RYT 200, 500, RYS, YACEP

Meditation Facilitator

Cert. Education Provider

Co-Founder of Alchemy In Motion

Body Worker

Joined passion and forces

Now we bring together what we found as revealing methods of acknowledging and dissolving blockages in the body and the mind.

Derya Kara

Cert. Yoga Teacher

Cert. Energy Coach

Energetic space purification